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Snow Beauty

It was only a few weeks ago that there was snow everywhere, and I just had to organise a portrait session with someone in a wedding dress. Being limited by time and locations (I could only travel in walking distance and needed to organise something within a few...

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Vision to Reality – Side Saddle Elegance

I often get ideas for various projects, but don't always that often get to create them in to a lasting reality. A few weeks ago with the help of the team at Harroway stables I was able to bring one of my ideas to life. I have always loved the elegance of side saddle,...

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Behind the Magic – Inspiration & Influences

Every creative person whether an artist, author, photographer or otherwise has sources of inspiration. Those sources could be anything and I really do mean anything. Personally I have a collection of sources that I regularly utilise in different ways. Now I will start...

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Behind the Magic – Editing workflow

I'm often asked about my workflow for editing a photo shoot so let me take you on a whistlestop tour of what I do from taking the photos to delivering the final images. In general I edit photo shoots in the order they take place. The slight exception is weddings which...

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Behind the Magic – Merged Sequences

The majority of the time I only aim to take one photo at a time but occasionally I will take a few successive frames which when merged together can make a great sequence. The keys to making a good sequence are to be relatively side on to the fence, so you can record...

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Behind the Magic – Always be prepared

If you were ever a Scout or Girl Guide the phrase 'be prepared' will be well known to you. Preparedness is vital in becoming a successful photographer in so many ways. My inspiration to write this blog stems from an American photo that went viral of some photographers...

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Behind the magic – Behind the scenes studio lit shoot

Have you wondered how I create the beautiful low key black background portraits? This article will give you a behind the scenes look into how I use powerful portable studio lights that I can use almost anywhere within reason. I personally favour a one light set up as...

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2017 some of the best

I loved 2017, it was a year of change and a great year of progression for me. I've experimented and I've taken risks, some worked, some didn't, but I've learnt from all of them. What lies ahead for 2018? More experimentation and some great big challenges, but bring...

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New product! – Acrylic Prints

I am now pleased to offer acrylic prints to my offering of products thanks to German professional print lab Saal Digital. For a while I have been considering what ready to hang options I can offer to my customers, especially for my studio lit work which isn't always...

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What would you like to know?

Have you got a burning question you would like to ask me? Would you like to know something about how I create my images or how I work? Drop me a line and let me know.

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