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Covid-19 it’s a bit of an annoying B*&@$£ as far as weddings are concerned. Over the last few months one by one I have rescheduled almost every wedding booked for this year pushing them into next year and beyond. Yes that hurts my finances, but even more so it hurts and disappoints my couples.

Obviously weddings have been cancelled and moved for good reason, there is no escaping that serious and strict measures were and are required to save lives. Even so couples have the right to be upset that their dreams have been somewhat squashed.

Now at the time of writing it is early July and weddings are now legal again but not as we know it. Receptions of more than 2 households or 6 people are banned. Ceremonies are only allowed with a maximum of 30 people and with some very strict conditions to prevent the spread of covid-19. No fathers walking their daughters down the aisle. No singing, no food and no drink!

To postpone or not to postpone that is the question!

Although larger receptions may well become permitted again soon there are likely to be restrictions for some time, so here we are in the new era of socially distanced weddings. So what do we do now?

For many couples the obvious choice is to postpone until next year in the hope that a level of normality has returned but there is the real possibility into mid next year we will still have social distancing in place. There are only so many times you can postpone or move your date. For those not wanting to postpone, or at least not in full here are a few suggestions to make your wedding memorable even if socially distant.

If you do have a socially distanced Covid-19 wedding you know you will never forget it. Make your wedding a silver lining of the pandemic and make some wonderful memories and stories that will last for generations. Yes conventional group photos are not going to be featuring in weddings in the near future but memories are made of so so so much more.

no group photos weddings covid-19

Have a live streamed wedding – If you are limited to 30 (or less) people, then for the guests that can’t make it, stream it!

A lovely concept I’ve seen is where multiple iPads are set up one for each virtual guest. Not only can the loved ones see the ceremony but the couple can also see and potentially hear the guests. You will need good WIFI and someone techy to organise it but it’s perfectly possible.

A often bypassed option is eloping! Have the ceremony now, take photos, make memories, enjoy and then celebrate at a later date.

Reinventing the reception

If you are the type of couple wanting your reception, then there are still options. Don’t worry that’s not a bad thing! The majority of people see a wedding as not only the commitment to their partner but also a chance to celebrate the bringing together of two families and friendship groups. Here are just a few ideas of what you can do.

The revolving door reception

Yes you’re limited to 2 households or 6 people. Presuming you and your partner live alone that’s not scope for many people but it’s something.

Instead of a big party have a revolving door outside reception. What happens is one other household or up to 4 people from different households visit at a time. You won’t be able to see everyone, but it could allow you to spend time with your nearest and dearest through the day. There will obviously need to be hand washing and disinfecting procedures in place.  As restrictions are eased you would have capacity for more people per time slot.

revolving door wedding reception covid19 coronavirus
Afternoon tea virtual wedding reception

The virtual reception

utilising Zoom or similar online network calls have a virtual reception but you can make it special. Presuming guests live relatively close organise for their food to be dropped off at their homes, or if attending the ceremony they could collect it as they leave to take home to then join the virtual reception. Afternoon tea would be perfect for this situation.

A virtual reception also allows for entertainment which would otherwise be banned. You could have your amazing singer or band perform, you could even get a performer from further afield who would otherwise be unavailable to participate. So many options!

The Socially Distanced Picnic

At this stage it’s not quite the right time, but as numbers increase for receptions it could be perfect. Everyone brings their own food, or you organise for your caterers to pre package the food safely. It needn’t all be plastic backed picnic blankets either it could be something wonderful like this display by Wonderlands Jersey. Your venue may well be able to offer something like this in the near future.

The Micro Reception

Accepting 2020 is not the year of the reception have a micro reception or two with your nearest and dearest, one household at a time. Then if the big party is important plan that for 2021 or 2022 and maybe have a renewal of vows

socially distanced picnic wedding

For many couples the only option for them is to postpone but for those of you needing to get married sooner rather than later, think outside the box, but without bending the lockdown rules and you can be sure you will have a memorable day for all the right reasons.

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