If you are a photographer browsing my site you may well be interested in how I work and how I create my stunning studio lit black background images.Well good news you can now find out exactly how by subscribing to my first online training course to teach you exactly how.

black background OCF off camera flash strobe lighting how to

Starting with the basics

The course covers every area of how to create black background portraits in camera. Starting with what equipment you need through to how to use it.

It may surprise you if you are still earlier on in the learning curve but you do not need big fancy equipment to achieve great results, but the key is understanding what your limitations are with the equipment you have and how to over come them.

behind the scenes low key black background equine portrait

Desensitisation Process

Master how to introduce and desensitise a horse to lighting equipment. Horses can be flighty and dangerous creatures in a new and spooky environment, my techniques in addition to your existing horse sense can help horses quickly settle and relax allowing you to get the best from your model quickly and safely.

Lights camera action

Learn how your equipment will effect your settings and how you need to adjust your settings according to your environment. Skylines, backgrounds, ambient light and more must all be factored in at times. You will soon know how to identify an appropriate location according to your equipment level that will allow you to produce stunning images in camera.

Strike a pose

Discover my preferred poses when working with a single key light. Helpful lighting diagrams to show you how to position your model and the lights in relation to each other.

Post processing techniques

I reveal some of my secrets to putting the final touches to my images.  I also GIVE you my Lightroom presets to help progress your editing journey.

Added Extras!

As bonuses to all the course material you also receive the following downloads

Lightroom Presets

Session Workflow

Camera Settings Cheat Sheet

Studio Lighting Positions & Poses Reference Sheet

Equipment checklists

Lightroom & Photoshop Editing Shortcuts

Would you like to learn more?

I also offer 1-2-1 training that includes Photoshop and Lightroom training. I also will be running workshops this year concentrating on creating black background portraits

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