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Katie Mortimore Exeter wedding photographer

Why I’m the wedding photographer for you

I love a relaxed country wedding, be that woodland, marquee, barn, beach or even your local pub! I love weddings that are all about the couple, as I’m very much in favour of having your day your way rather than necessarily following convention. All types of country weddings are my thing, but if it’s a horsey country wedding then I’m totally your girl. Honestly that combines my two favourite things together. I can rock the wedding elements whilst also nailing the horsey ones.

Although the countryside is a reoccurring theme for my weddings I love that my clients are diverse and basically pretty darn awesome. I believe love is love no matter what race, religion, gender or otherwise. You can guarantee each set of vows and every speech will have me drying my eyes whilst also taking a photo or 3!

I talk more about me and my photographic journey on my about page.

How I work

I am a documentary wedding photographer. This means I love to capture the unscripted natural moments that take place throughout the day. I immortalise the reactions and emotions of you and your guests without sticking a camera in everyone’s faces.

As a friendly and approachable person I can naturally merge into the background of the day, meaning I can capture those natural unposed moments, whilst cracking the occasional awful joke.

Rather importantly I don’t pose. I may prompt you, but no rigid cheesy posing. I want you enjoying each other I don’t want you looking for my camera lens. I will put you at ease when you are in front of my cameras, as I get it most people don’t enjoy their photos been taken. By the end of the day you will forget I’ve even got my cameras!

A big thing that benefits all my couples is that stress does not appear in my vocabulary. I am a natural creative problem solver, so in the event anything does crop up I find a solution, quickly and calmly. Be it remove pollen from or lacing up a dress, or providing scissors to cut off a label, I will help out, I’ve done all of those things and more!

Although I can and do work solo, I love to work with a second photographer to enable me to effectively be in two places at once, capturing even more of those magical moments. You can read about why having two photographers can be better than one in my journal.

devon outdoor bride putting on welly boots

 My job is to preserve time

It is my mantra. My job is to preserve time, to make the past accessible to our future selves. I want to preserve those memories as they happen, how they happen. Yes it sounds very corny but it is true.

On the day Katie was prompt, ready for anything (the mini bride kit is wonderful!) and you find yourself thoroughly relaxed in her presence. It was a joy to have Katie involved in our wedding and the photos we have as a result are beautiful and timeless. We can’t recommend her more.

-Bridget & Ollie

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