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So who am I? Well I’m Katie…

A self confessed geek, techy and sci-fi nut. I get on with almost anyone, although was once upon a time the shy kid. I’m a hopeless romantic and an eternal optimist but do employ a heavy dose of realism.

Now the slightly more serious/boring bit I’m 30 something now living in the Devon town of Starcross just south of Exeter. I have recently relocated but I am more than happy to travel back to Wiltshire, Hampshire and beyond.

I have loved photography for many a year, and love that my passion is my job. Add in I love weddings, and I mean I really LOVE weddings. They are a day of joy and happiness, so what better job can there be, than to share that day with couples?

A synopsis of me!

I’m from the island of Jersey originally but moved to Devon for uni, then to Wiltshire for a while, and now back to Devon.

Anything Marvel, general sci-fi, Forrest Gump, Shitts Creek, Parks & Rec, The Crown and terribly terribly bad romcom movies. They’re so bad they’re good right?!

I can’t cook half the things I would like to, but I bake a mean rainbow dinosaur unicorn cake. I don’t say no to cake. I may even have been bribed previously with Jaffa cakes and profiteroles!

Total animal lover, except snakes and arachnids *shudders*. Horses are obviously my favourite though without a doubt

Main hobby is horse riding. Before I got old & broken I was a pretty decent 800m runner & high jumper.

I’m the 1 in 10 of the british population who doesn’t drink tea (or coffee).

On the day Katie was prompt, ready for anything (the mini bride kit is wonderful!) and you find yourself thoroughly relaxed in her presence. It was a joy to have Katie involved in our wedding and the photos we have as a result are beautiful and timeless. We can’t recommend her more.

-Bridget & Ollie

Why I’m the wedding photographer for you

Now I LOVE a country wedding be that woodland, country house, marquee, tent, barn or even your local pub. I also love any wedding that’s just a little bit different as I’m very much in favour of having your day your way rather than following convention. All are totally my thing, but if it’s a horsey country wedding then I’m totally your girl. Honestly that combines my two favourite things together. I can rock the wedding elements whilst also nailing the horsey ones. Nothing worse than a non horsey wedding photographer not appreciating the massive importance of forward facing ears.

Although the countryside is a reoccurring theme for my weddings I love that my clients are diverse and basically pretty darn awesome. I believe love is love no matter what race, religion, gender or otherwise. You can guarantee each set of vows and every speech will have me drying my eyes whilst also taking a photo (or 3).

I am a documentary wedding photographer. This means I love to capture the unscripted natural moments that take place throughout the day. I immortalise the reactions and emotions of you the couple and your guests without sticking a camera in everyone’s faces.

As a friendly and approachable person I can naturally merge into the background of the day, meaning I can capture those natural unposed moments, whilst cracking the occasional awful joke.

Rather importantly for a lot of couples I don’t pose. I may prompt you, but no rigid cheesy posing. It’s not natural and it’s not fun therefore I don’t do it. The time we spend doing couple portraits is often the only time you will have all day alone together, well without guests anyway. So I work to ensure you can enjoy that time, whilst I capture beautiful photos. I will also put you at ease when you are in front of my cameras, as I get it most people don’t enjoy their photos been taken. By the end of the day you will forget I’ve even got my cameras!

A big thing that benefits all my couples is that stress does not appear in my vocabulary, I am a natural creative problem solver so in the event anything does crop up I find a solution, quickly and calmly. Be it remove pollen from or lacing a dress, or providing scissors to cut off a label, I will help out, I’ve done all of those things and more!

Although I can and do work solo, I love to work with a second photographer to enable me to effectively be in two places at once capturing even more of those magical moments. You can read about why having two photographers can be better than one in my journal.

country wellies outdoor bride

Wedding Videography

Exciting for 2022 I now offer videography in addition to my photography, I even do both at the same time offering a hybrid photography and video highlights option.

How does hybrid solo coverage work?

During your day your photos take priority but at various points where able, I take short video clips. There are some moments of the day where only photos will be possible for example the first kiss, coming down the aisle if a short distance, and similar. But photos from these moments will be incorporated into the video to produce a comprehensive highlights reel.

Please note because I will be taking photos and videoing I will not be using stablising equipment.

Will you include sound?

If solo shot hybrid coverage then no, sound is not included unless it happens to be very clear on the original footage. This includes ceremony, speeches and first dance. The reason for this if working alone covering video and photo, the time needed for setting up individual mics will impact coverage.

How long will the video be?

An average highlights reel from dual coverage for a 10 hour day will be approximately 2-4 minutes. This may seem short but is actually surprisingly long when watched!

Can you provide full videos of first dances, speeches etc?

Yes subject to making arrangements in advance and there being a suitable and safe location for a static camera.

Can you provide more comprehensive video coverage?

Yes, but only when working soley video or with at least a second shooter and preferably a team of three consisting of a photographer, videographer and hybrid shooter.

Below is an example hybrid highlights reel I filmed and edited in late 2021

first dance wedding fullerton cottonworth vineyard stockbridge andover hampshire test valley


Wedding photography is about creating everlasting memories that you can share with your friends and family. Your wedding cannot be repeated, but expertly captured, those precious moments can be regularly revisited, and eternally treasured. Although some may see photography at times as a frivolous expense, no price can be put on those memories. Remember photographs are often the only tangible memory from your day.

Where able, to give you my complete service I prefer to be in attendance from approximately 2 hours before your ceremony, to cover preparations, through to just after your first dance, before your guests become a bit too tipsy! For the average wedding this will require approximately 8 hours coverage.

As every wedding is different I like to give personalised quotes to each wedding couple, but as a guide for 2022 please use the below prices as a starting point (local travel included)

2 hours – £450  (Nb. If a weekend date can only be booked within 6 months of date)

8 hours  – £1650

*I also offer bespoke elopement and small wedding coverage with options to suit most budgets so please get in touch.

Hybrid video/photo coverages starts at £600 for 2 hours and £2100 for 8 hours.

“Katie is an amazingly talented and creative photographer. Highly professional, fantastic ideas and totally reliable. A delight to work with from the pre wedding shoot to the very last photograph and beyond. We are so happy with our wedding photographs. I would highly recommend her.”

– Laura & Justin

I would love to hear about you & your Wedding

Drop me a message and we can discuss how I can be part of your amazing day. I always reply where I can, even if already booked, within 48 hours of your email. So if you haven’t heard from me please check your junk folder, and if needed message me again.

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