Behind The Magic – My wedding survival kit

Once upon a time when I was young, I was a girl guide, and the motto we followed, just like the Scouts was 'Be Prepared'. This is something that follows through with me to this day and one of the things I therefore carry on me at all my weddings is my essentials...

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Your horse as a wedding guest – some helpful advice

For almost all equestrian brides there is the magic dream that you can have your own horse at your wedding. It is possible but a lot of consideration should go into whether or not it will be practical and very importantly safe, for you, your horse and your guests. I...

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Weddings – Don’t be ‘Uncle Bob’

In the world of wedding photographers there is an increasingly common term being banded about, that being 'Uncle Bob'. So who or what is Uncle Bob, and why are they an issue? If I'm honest, I'm lucky, and I haven't actually come across a problematic Uncle Bob so far,...

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Behind the Magic – Photographing in low light

Light is vital for taking photographs. If we had our own way as photographers, we would only utilise venues and times of the day when the light is ideal, but more often than not we don't have perfect light, and instead we need to deal with what we have. Sometimes you...

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Snow Beauty

It was only a few weeks ago that there was snow everywhere, and I just had to organise a portrait session with someone in a wedding dress. Being limited by time and locations (I could only travel in walking distance and needed to organise something within a few...

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Behind the Magic – Editing workflow

I'm often asked about my workflow for editing a photo shoot so let me take you on a whistlestop tour of what I do from taking the photos to delivering the final images. In general I edit photo shoots in the order they take place. The slight exception is weddings which...

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Behind the Magic – Always be prepared

If you were ever a Scout or Girl Guide the phrase 'be prepared' will be well known to you. Preparedness is vital in becoming a successful photographer in so many ways. My inspiration to write this blog stems from an American photo that went viral of some photographers...

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What would you like to know?

Have you got a burning question you would like to ask me? Would you like to know something about how I create my images or how I work? Drop me a line and let me know.

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