We all think our horses are supermodels and worthy of the pages of CountryLife magazine, and I want to create images that could be taken right from the centre spread! I love taking photos of people and their horses but I also love, and perhaps that little bit more taking photos of just horses. I love being able to capture and highlight their personality and beauty, be that supermodel diva or laid back bohemian Larry!

equine supermodel portrait session

Your equine supermodel

You love your horse and we you think your horse is the most stunning horse there is, we are all the same in that matter. But we’re not wrong, as they are the most beautiful horse to you and that is the only opinion that matters when talking about your horse. They are our own personal supermodels.

A lot of people think having a photo shoot of their horse means they should be in the photos themselves as well. Your relationship with your horse is important, but you don’t have to take a starring role if you don’t want to. I have many clients approach me concerned for how they will appear in images, or simply just not wanting to be in them. I can happily work with those lacking confidence to bring out their own model potential. But sometimes the obvious choice is a horse only session and I can really concentrate on highlighting their very best features as naturally as possible.

Beautiful light any time of day

When photographing people I prefer to avoid bright sunshine, unless golden hour, due to the dramatic shadows it creates, especially under people’s eyes. With horses though, they don’t squint, and the shadows created are more flattering. For this reason I actually love using full sun when I have the right backdrops. Full sun is actually very similar to the lighting I choose for my studio lit sessions, which are also normally equine only.

The image to the left (above on mobile) is a prime example of an image taken in midday sun.

Different seasons can effect the light and backgrounds but we can work with the season and available backgrounds to show off your horse at its best.

equine supermodel horse portrait photo shoot

Working free

One of the main elements of my horse only sessions is that I like where possible to have the horse looking to be ‘free’. No tack or head collar.

I have in recent months been developing and refining a purpose made photography halter which I call my invisible head collar. Although not completely invisible it’s narrow diameter is far slimmer than the average head collar and is therefore far easier to remove convincingly in Photoshop after the session.

Not only is it small, but it is strong which allows it to be safely used to lunge and work horses at a distance. Lunging is far safer than working at liberty for both the horse and any people in the area and can produce equally beautiful results.

With Covid-19 a consideration the head collar is actually created with a super strong reinforced plastic and is therefore very easy to clean and sterilise between sessions.

Almost all the images on this blog were taken with my invisible head collar. Hopefully you will be challenged to work out where it was on each horse!

equine supermodel horse portrait photo shoot

Creating wall art everyone will love

My main aim for every session is to create images you will be proud to hang on your walls. Despite the ease of sharing digital media I still think wall art should be the most important product of a session. Equine only sessions can easily create wall art that appeals to all, not just you as the horse owner. I want to create fine art wall art that everyone loves.

I will work with you, getting to know your likes and dislikes to plan a session to create art to fit within your home and decor. I use a selection of top class wall art suppliers who can print images in an array of formats. I also work closely with a local framer who hand makes all my frames using non reflective art glass to show off your images at their very best.

Would you like to immortalise your supermodel?

I offer both natural light and studio lit equine sessions perfect for immortalising your quine supermodel.

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