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Why me?

I have been around horses my entire life which gives me the unparalleled knowledge of not only what makes a good image of a horse but also how to handle and act round them to show  them off to their best. I have also competed in all the main disciplines to a pretty modest level including the odd national championship!

Now based in the Devon town of Starcross, just south of Exeter gives me easy access to the entire South of England and beyond. And why Jersey you ask? Well I’m a Jersey girl born and bred and so love any excuse to go back home to visit.

For more information about me visit my about me page

Katie Mortimore Equine Photographer

Why the time is now!

You may have been considering having some portraits of your favourite horse for some time, or you may be new to the concept. Either way it’s a fantastic decision that you will not regret. Capture everlasting memories of your horse that can take pride of place on your wall.

Clients often tell me they wish they had booked me earlier. Before their horse became ill, or before they sold a previous horse. They had a collection of competition photos but no good portrait images.

It’s so easy to wait until the weather improves, or their coats are at their best, or the grass is greener. But if you wait until all those elements are perfect you will likely never schedule a session. And most importantly those may not be the elements you actually want!

I can create dramatic, stunning imagery pretty much whatever the weather and surroundings. Take the image right/below shot on a misty drizzly day horse complete with a fluffy autumnal coat. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about that day as it was the ideal conditions creating the ideal atmosphere.

country horse autumnal portrait

Session types

equine black background portrait
equine black background portrait

Studio Lit – Including Black Background

Using portable battery powered studio lighting I create stunning images with dramatic areas of shadow and contrast. I love creating images that combine natural and studio lighting to create atmospheric portraits reminiscent of the old masters, George Stubbs is a particular influence.

Using studio lighting as the sole light source I can create dramatic black background. As long as out of bright sunlight I can work in almost any environment, I have even under taken sessions in the middle of open fields! I require no backdrops or power sockets. It amazes people where I can create these images. No worries about messy yards or cluttered backgrounds.

Despite the simplicity involved in the images they are incredibly striking and unobtainable without the additional light source my lights provide. There are other methods for creating black background images but you cannot create the precision of light and shade in my images with only natural light.

Natural Light Sessions

I am equally at home producing breath taking images with nothing but the light from the sun. Whether that is a stylised portrait session with you and your horse, or alternatively exploring the individuality of your horse and expressing them in more unique images that would be worthy of gracing the wall of any equine art lover.

There is rarely a location without possible options for photos. Clients are often surprised about where I can find suitable backdrops. I also love working in

equine portrait spring summer horse equestrian hampshire wiltshire

Natural Light Group Mini sessions

Studio lit black backgrounds don’t allow for quick sessions due to the desensitisation process required. For natural light black background images though there is an exception as with the use of an indoor school or large barn doorway I can create striking portraits quickly and effectively whatever the light and weather conditions.

Natural light black backgrounds are a different style and feel to those created with the studio lighting with less shadow and contrast involved. But none the less still produce striking and beautiful portraits. It should be noted that poses can be limited depending on the space available.

Natural light portraits are the other option for these group mini sessions. These sessions normally allow for one outfit and one location choice.

To book these sessions there must be a minimum of 3 horses at one location. The cost is £75 per horse (not including travel fee if over 30 miles travel distance) for a 25 minute session. Images are available to purchase after the session at normal portrait session prices (see investment below)

equine portrait spring summer horse equestrian hampshire wiltshire
equine fine art portrait wiltshire

Bespoke Fine Art Sessions

My sessions, both natural and studio lighting, can be used to create fine art pieces, but sometimes a standard session will not meet your requirements. For that reason I am able to create bespoke sessions to create specific commissions.. Please contact me via the below form so we can discuss your requirements.

In addition to my bespoke sessions I also have a range of limited and open edition prints available to purchase in a a range of sizes. Plus a vast catalogue of images that can be available as open edition prints by request. 

horse portrait hampshire wiltshire


I strive to create everlasting memories of your horse that you can enjoy for many years to come. Images that can be displayed on your walls in pride of place. Images that any horse lover will appreciate, enjoy & love.

I offer either a range of packages that can be purchased in advance or alternatively you can purchase a session and then purchase wall art and digital images after the session.

Most session prices start at £269 with average client investment being £500+. View my client investment guide below (PDF) for more details on my sessions and prices.

Foal specific sessions start from only £60. Please contact me for more details.

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