Beautiful, timeless documentary wedding photography for down-to-earth country couples

Stunning & creative cherish the dress photography for equestrian brides

Equine photography immortalising your equine partner as art

Equine photography immortalising your equine partner as art

“My job is to preserve time”

Who am I?

Hi I’m Katie, the boring predictable bit to write here is that I have been a photographer for many years, but turned professional about 10 years ago.

The more interesting bit that may or may not be important to you is I love a bit of sci-fi, I’m a bit of a techy geek, a reasonable artist, a distinctly average snowboarder, a 30 something (clinging on to my 30s!) wife and mum of one. I used to compete a lot in horse riding competitions in all of the main three disciplines and have been mildly successful including at national championship level!

Oh and I love cake, and good food in general and can be easily bribed with tasty food, even a pack of jaffa cakes carries tremendous bargaining powers!

I live in the town of Starcross in Devon, just south of Exeter. I’m happy to travel across the South, Midlands and beyond.


Serving Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and beyond!

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