When every couple plans their wedding they spend an inordinate amount of time choosing even the smallest details. Although some of these details may not be individually noticed by all guests, they will be vital in sculpting the day and the experience for all involved. For this very reason I like to spend a decent amount of time capturing these details. They help tell the story of the day and therefore are essential to be included in your wedding photography coverage.

Today I focus on the details that I normally capture during the wedding preparations portion of the day. When I arrive with you on the morning of your wedding these are often the first things I will ask from you to document.

bronze accented wedding invitation
baby blue accented wedding invitation

The stationery

The first interaction with your guests and your wedding styling will be your invitations. Your options are fairly limitless with all number of materials, finishes and designs open to you. There is of course the option to be totally paperless and opt for digital invites, but even then you still have styling aspects to consider.

If you are looking at traditional paper stationery one very talented lady is Laura of Lulabee Weddings. Beautiful bespoke designs that can cater for both modern and traditional couples. The above and left photos are all examples of her work. The extra touches of metallic inks, rustic ribbons and wax seals give a luxurious finish to Laura’s work. You can also carry across your chosen styling over your entire stationery suite including order of service, menus and name cards. A truly bespoke option of the Lulabee design service is the option of hand drawn illustrations of your venue(s), which provides a new level of personal styling.

Rings, Jewellery & more

Along with your stationery I love to photograph such items as rings, flowers, shoes and even perfume. There is no limit to what I can include but the more details there are the longer it will take to photograph them! This isn’t restricted to just the bride either, if covering groom prep I want to see cufflinks, shoes, ties and other important items.

When choosing what to give me always go for too much over too little, but making sure to tell me if there is a special significance to any items. For example a headpiece your grandmother and mother wore, will be hugely important to you. This means if I am stuck for time I can concentrate on the most important details.

Don’t be afraid to give me some more unconventional items if they are very you. I actually carry a styling kit that amongst lots of ribbon and other bits includes horse shoes, perfect for the equine bride.

In order to photograph the rings they will need to be with whomever I am spending the prep time with. Traditionally they are with the best man the morning of the wedding but this doesn’t always work for the photos.

wedding details shoes flowers jewellery
wedding ring  flowers details
Wedding dress hanging window

The Dress

It may have been the one and only dress you tried on, or it may have been one of many, but you will have chosen your dress for a reason. The way it made you feel amazing being the number one reason normally.

I always try to take a good dress photo but it is not always possible depending on your prep location but I always try and perform my magic wherever possible.

Ideal locations are large windows and large blank walls but I’ve also used everything from stairs to wardrobes. The main issue is finding a way to hang the dress over the chosen area! Doors and wardrobes are easy as the hanger can go over the top of the door. Windows and walls can get more tricky. I again have some helpful tricks (the image to the left/above was created by using a second hanger to hang the dress low enough), but sometimes the best spots are not practical.

What I do ask of you is that your dress is on a nice hanger. That doesn’t mean buying one specially but if supplied with a wire hanger see if you have a nice wooden one in your wardrobe. I do try to bring an emergency hanger myself for such situations but it’s always best if you have something yourself. The other thing for the chosen hanger is that the metal hanger portion can be turned 90 degrees.

When a good hanging dress shot is not possible I will include the dress in group shots with other items, and of course get epic photos of you wearing it!

Wedding shoe stable door

The Shoes

As for your shoes for some people they are just another accessory, for others the entire look focuses round your footwear. For my wedding I had deep red beautiful heels which I took great joy in being able to wear many times since.

Some people wear trainers, other wellies (yeah I wore red hunters for my couple photos!), some sandals, or even nothing at all! But if your footwear is important to you I will capture it.

groom prep cufflinks wedding

Lets not forget the groom!

As I mention above details are important not just for brides but grooms as well. If I am covering groom prep then I want to know and capture the important details. It’s not just about shoes and cufflinks either! Hip flasks commonly make an appearance, belts are quite personal, and so many other items. Tell me what is important and I will capture and immortalise it on camera.

The Flowers

Oh the flowers, your gorgeous flowers. They will take a starring role, but often I include them with the wider detail shots as well. It massively depends on your chosen bouquet style as well as to what will look best.

The Covid Effect

At the time of writing we are still very much affected by coronavirus. Currently I am unable to photograph a number of detail elements I normally would, well not in the normal way anyway.

I can still cover bridal prep but with very strict restrictions over people in a room and handling certain items. Ring shots cannot be taken prior to the ceremony as rings must be boxed for at least 48 hours prior to the ceremony. There is a potential for them to be photographed afterwards with suitable handling procedures in place.

If your wedding date is likely to be affected by current or potential longer term Covid restrictions I will discuss further with you

tournerbury wedding flowers wood pile outside

Are the details important to you?

I would love to be considered by you to document your wedding day. Please visit my wedding information page as I would love to know more about you and your day.

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