Behind The Magic – Following & Breaking The Rules of Composition

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Rules are there to be broken on occasion and that is certainly the case with the rules of composition! The 'rules' are great and lead to some fantastic photos but it is ok to bend or even break them on occasion to create something even more special! It is perhaps better to consider them as [...]

Behind The Magic – Behind the scenes photos

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In my last blog regarding working as a press photographer I mentioned about my love of taking photos behind the scenes. After a week at Badminton I thought I would go in to more detail and show you exactly what I love photographing. A lot of photographers will spend their time photographing the dressage tests [...]

Behind The Magic – The life of a press photographer

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As you read this I will be on route to Badminton, arguably the most famous event in the world, for an ultra busy week of media coverage for Starting this afternoon with the Mitsubishi Motors Cup continuing throughout the week until the final 4* press conference on Sunday. The press photography aspect of my [...]

Behind The Magic – Stepping out of your comfort zone

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I'm often asked how I got to where I am today with my photography, and my answer is simply that not that long ago I was a beginner myself but I pushed myself, I learnt to step out of my comfort zone and developed my techniques accordingly. Second angle up high! I see [...]

Copyright explained – what is all the fuss about?

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Copyright is always a contentious issue especially amongst event photographers as it so directly affects their livelihood. Personally I understand that a lot of people simply do not understand how copyright works and how if they do infringe it, it affects a photographer. Because of that I am always of the belief that there needs [...]

Behind The Magic – Raw vs Jpeg

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I remember when I first started taking photos with a DSLR, I really didn't understand what RAW was and kept to my safety blanket of shooting in jpeg. Eventually as I read and learnt more, I realised just how beneficial and indeed essential shooting in raw can be. The capabilities raw give to adjust and [...]

Attending an event as a spectator – Photographic dos and don’ts

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If you're like me and you have a spare weekend once in a blue moon how better than to spend it at an event, presuming the sun is shining, or at the very least it's not raining, or well not raining heavily...! Whilst there, why not take a few photos as a friend is competing, [...]

Behind The Magic – Event incidents, why I keep clicking

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I have been asked several times why I keep holding down my camera's shutter release button in the event of an incident at an event and more so in burst format. I'm accused of doing it for the money shot and I have even been called macabre for doing so on occasion, so please let [...]

Behind The Magic – My ‘kit’ list!

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Today I'm going to talk to you about what camera equipment I work with and why. If you have any questions stemming from this article please feel free to ask. The Canon 5D3 my main camera of choice Firstly I am a Canon girl always have been and suspect always will be. It's [...]

Behind The Magic – Creating Dramatic Black Background Portraits

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I have always loved producing dramatic portraits and with the investment in some new lighting equipment last year I have finally been able to start producing what my creative brain has always wanted to. A lot of people will refer to the photos as 'black background' portraits and they can be produced in a couple [...]

Behind The Magic – 10 reasons why the pros choose ‘that’ fence

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I regularly read complaints from riders that the pro photographer at an event chose the smallest/most boring/"insert similar complaint here" fence so I thought I would take the opportunity to explain why. There are a LOT of considerations by the photographer as to which fence(s) to photograph and these are just a few of them; [...]

Behind the Magic – Taking a good action photo of a horse

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I'm asked time and time again how to take a good photo of a horse especially in motion so what better to be the subject of my first Behind The Magic article. There are no simple answers but here are 10 tips to help achieve a good photo wherever possible. They are far from an [...]

Trash the dress – Jersey

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A Trash the Dress Beach photo shoot was the order of the day when visiting Jersey earlier this year. It would have been rude not to considering the beautiful weather and equally beautifully scenery. St Ouen's bay was the beach of choice. Limited on time due to an impending very high tide and summer restrictions [...]

Clare & Stu // Equine Photo Shoot With Stars!

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I photographed Clare and Stu's wedding back in December they then asked me back to Somerset for an equine photo shoot so they could get some photos of their horses and dogs who couldn't be involved in the wedding itself and who I was I to refuse! The photo shoot itself turned in to a [...]

Mitsubishi Badminton Horse Trials 2014

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Once again this year I was covering the Mitsubishi Badminton Horse Trials CCI**** and Grassroots competitions for eventing website I spent the entire week at the event reporting and photographing and what a competition it was. Photographs are currently available to purchase to sponsors and media outlets and will be available for general sale [...]

Artistic Edits

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Over the winter months I have had opportunity to experiment with my editing style and I have been raiding my archives for suitable photos to transform into something a bit special. I am planning that soon a number of these images will be available to purchase as limited edition prints. If you are interested in [...]

Now you can find me on Vogue!

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So today I decided to create a PhotoVogue portfolio which is part of Vogue Italia Magazine, a site dedicated to artistic photographers where by every single photo is hand selected by the magazine's photo editors. Now they are notoriously picky about the photos they will accept so to gain a portfolio with approved photos is [...]

Something a little bit different

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With the winter hours meaning less and less daylight I have been forced to become a bit more creative with my photos. I have been experimenting with some dramatically lit shots using permanent arena lights (huge spot lights!) and have been ably assisted by Gift Horse Eventing and another livery Rachel as models. I have [...]

Larkhill Horse Trials – Wet wet wet

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I was at Larkhill British Eventing horse trials both competing and once again taking photos for I competed on the Saturday and was pleased to finish the season with a 7th in the Regional Final, sadly no qualifying spot for the Grassroots final but it wasn't to be our year. On the Sunday armed [...]

Gatcombe International Horse Trials

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I was attending Gatcombe International horse trials on behalf of in September and you can see a collection of my photos on their facebook page. Whilst there I also followed a good friend round who was competing at the eventing catching her in all three phases. Gatcombe is a great event held in the [...]

Win a photo shoot

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WIN!! I am currently running a competition on Facebook to win a 1 hour photo shoot of you, your horse, your family or whomever you fancy (within reason!). All you have to do to enter is like and share the competition photo (click this link) and like the page. Once the page has reached 1000 [...]

Alison & Jaustin – Equine photo shoot

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They say you shouldn't work with children or animals well I get to work with both and yes they aren't always the most co-operative models but I like to think I get the desired results in the end which makes it that little bit more rewarding. Over the weekend I did an equine photo shoot [...]