I’m sitting in my living room pondering the enormous task that still befalls me, to be ready to leave for Badminton on Tuesday morning, and I’m hoping beyond hope that today’s rain is the last to fall and Monday’s forecast is incorrect. My camera equipment is nearly ready other than a few bits I need between now and then, but the tent, sleeping bags, ten zillion changes of clothes and a car full of other stuff is still to be sorted.

badminton horse trials cross country

My yearly camping trip to Badminton has become more than just a tradition for me, it’s now a pilgrimage. Where else can come close? The inclusion of the Mitsubishi Motors Cup and the Burghley Young event horse classes alongside the 4* ensure a jam packed week of equine nirvana.

Last year I gave a run down of my typical Badminton week which will be similar this year although with a few changes. I am once again covering the event for e-Venting and have a few commercial commissions but I will be spending a lot of time concentrating on producing some more abstract works. I want to photograph the event from a different perspective. Over the last few years I have concentrated on the warm up, where I will no doubt be again this year at times, which satisfied my creative urges to a degree, but this year I have a few more ideas planned out.

The normal lenses will be out but so will a few more unusual ones for eventing. Angles will be different as will my subjects.

I will be attempting to share some bits whilst there (other than for e-Venting) and may even try a few Facebook live videos if I have sufficient signal. If I don’t have chance look forward to photos on my return.

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