Every business has a product, it may be a physical object or alternatively a service, and to make that product successful in the current digital age imagery is essential. Although it is possible to take an image with a phone, it is rarely a well lit balanced photo which will show your product off to its best advantage, and in fact could do a major disservice discouraging potential clients from purchasing.

A study by The Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab asked thousands of participants, who were shown multiple websites, to evaluate their credibility. Nearly half of the participants said the number 1 factor in determining how credible a site was, was the design of the site which is heavily influenced by the imagery used. Also did you know that according to a study by Live Person 56% of consumers that abandon transactions online do so due to a lack of information about a product. Good consistent imagery is truly essential to the success of a modern business.

I provide a range of commercial photography services to suit businesses of all sizes and types. I have outlined the majority below to help you decide what types could help your business, but please do get in contact for any further information, or to discuss how we could create a bespoke photo shoot for your business.

White background/studio imagery: These images are often used for online shops and catalogues. They showcase a physical product with no visual distractions. As well as being perfect for your own website they can also be used for sites such as Amazon and Ebay marketplaces. Clothes can be photographed with or without a model. For added convenience these images can be converted so as to have a clear/see through back ground so they can easily be overlaid or stacked in printed media

studio white background photography
A studio white background image with pure white background.

Product Lifestyle Imagery: This type of imagery is used to give a product context and can be split into two distinct sections, although they can often be photographed within seconds of each other during the same photo shoot. These images are great for social media but also as secondary images on shop product pages/

Firstly still life whereby the product is photographed in an environment that is normally linked either to the product itself, the brand and or the customer. The product is still the focal point of an image but other items may appear in the image. The environment may not always be an obvious choice and sometimes be quite abstract so juxtaposing and highlighting the product but there should always be a link to the client base, as otherwise it can alienate target clients. For example if the product was equine product the environment could be a stable yard, but if the target client is fashionable city workers then it could be photographed in a juxtaposed city environment to appeal to that client. You wouldn’t though normally choose to photograph the products at a swimming pool as there would likely not be a link! Good still life images can be used as hero images on your website in addition to social media and marketing.

equestrian belt product photography wiltshire hampshire
An equestrian belt photographed with its dustbag, displayed on a distinctly equestrian Newmarket rug
food photography wiltshire hampshire
Food photography is another example of still life lifestyle photography

Secondly there are action photos which mentioned are often photographed in the same session as still life images. These images can also be used for products which are services. They show the product in use, or in action. Taken in a posed manner with models or alternatively real life action with clients or brand ambassadors. Posed images allow you to ensure you get the right angle, environment and light to show the product at it’s best. Actions can also be repeated until the right look is achieved. Real life action is just that, there may be elements to the image that are not perfect, especially in a competition environment, but they add authenticity which carries strong weight with customers making purchasing decisions.

lifestyle product photography
An example of a posed action lifestyle image
fine art equine print wiltshire hampshire product service photography
This farrier at work is an unposed action shot illustrating a service being performed

Flatlays: In essence are very similar to lifestyle and could be grouped together but I have separated as they are growing in popularity. Flatlays are primarily best suited to small products and also services. The intention of a flat lay is to create a story within the frame of the image looking down from above. They are images which are perfect for social media or blog posts. A flat lay illustrating a service would include items related in some manner. For a farrier it could include a cup of tea, shoes, nails and tools. A flat lay for an equine diary could include tack, rosettes, pens, tablet, phone and more.

Penton park andover Hampshire wedding photography product photography
A still life product photograph which is essentially a simple flat lay image

Personal Brand Imagery: A growing area, personal brand photography concentrates on the person behind the business rather than the product. Often the person is in part the product, as they provide a service, but the purpose is to give potential clients a personal connection with the business, rather than it being a faceless corporate identity.

Personal Brand Photography
Personal Brand Photography is growing in importance for promoting businesses

Many of the above photography types can be combined into one photo shoot for some customers to most effectively use your imagery budget.

You may not even need bespoke imagery for all your needs. Stock imagery may be sufficient for several areas which can be far more affordable for small businesses. For more details about my commercial photo shoots and equine stock imagery collection please visit my

Commercial Photography page

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