A session for all seasons

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The automatic choice for many, when choosing which season to have their session is late Spring or Summer when their horses will 'look their best'. This isn't always the right decision though and it is important to consider the differences in the seasons and what major positives you may be missing by not having your [...]

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Your horse as a wedding guest – some helpful advice

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For almost all equestrian brides there is the magic dream that you can have your own horse at your wedding. It is possible but a lot of consideration should go into whether or not it will be practical and very importantly safe, for you, your horse and your guests. I was lucky and was able [...]

Behind The Magic – 10 tips when buying new equipment

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When I started with digital photography I bought everything new, cameras, lenses, everything. Within a couple of years I learnt that is actually quite short sighted and expensive. Sure if you can afford it then feel free and go right ahead and buy new, but if not there is sense and good reason in purchasing [...]

Penton Park – Classically Elegant Wedding & Woodland Twist

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Earlier in the summer I had the privilege to work with a great group of local suppliers documenting a styled shoot put together by Heidi of Bespoke Events & Hire at Penton Park. I love Penton, it's such a gorgeous venue and run by two of the most fabulous people. Unlike larger commercial venues, family [...]

Weddings – Don’t be ‘Uncle Bob’

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In the world of wedding photographers there is an increasingly common term being banded about, that being 'Uncle Bob'. So who or what is Uncle Bob, and why are they an issue? If I'm honest, I'm lucky, and I haven't actually come across a problematic Uncle Bob so far, but this post is to help [...]

Behind the Magic – Photographing in low light

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The majority of churches are poorly lit and do not allow the use of external lighting. Light is vital for taking photographs. If we had our own way as photographers, we would only utilise venues and times of the day when the light is ideal, but more often than not we don't have [...]

Behind The Magic – So you’re going to be a wedding photographer?

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It is becoming increasingly common for couples on a budget to ask family members or friends to be their photographer. That person may well be accomplished in another area of photography already, or may just be a happy amateur with 'a nice camera', either way it is likely that they have never photographed a wedding [...]

On The Farm Celebrations – Vintage Styled Wedding Shoot

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In April I was thrilled to be involved with a vintage wedding styled shoot, at the stunning new wedding reception venue On The Far Celebrations. The venue is part of the working Manor Farm near Wells in Somerset. It is on the very edge of the Mendip Hills and is therefore the highest farm on [...]

Badminton Horse Trials Photos

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All photos from Badminton Horse Trials including the four star, Mitsubishi Motors Cup and the prize giving of the BYEH are now edited and available for purchase online. Commercial sponsors and media outlets can download instantly after purchase (download link will be within confirmation email). If though you are looking for multi images for commercial [...]

Badminton – Preparing for the Pilgrimage

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I’m sitting in my living room pondering the enormous task that still befalls me, to be ready to leave for Badminton on Tuesday morning, and I'm hoping beyond hope that today’s rain is the last to fall and Monday’s forecast is incorrect. My camera equipment is nearly ready other than a few bits I need [...]

Behind the Magic – Snow Fun – Ordinary to (hopefully) Outstanding!

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The recent snow allowed me to satisfy one of my bucket list photo shoots, namely horses in the snow. The last decent snow fall I experienced was about 6 years ago, and I was unable to tick it off my list then,  but this year I was able to take full advantage whilst also producing [...]

Vision to Reality – Side Saddle Elegance

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I often get ideas for various projects, but don't always that often get to create them in to a lasting reality. A few weeks ago with the help of the team at Harroway stables I was able to bring one of my ideas to life. I have always loved the elegance of side saddle, and [...]

Behind the Magic – Inspiration & Influences

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Every creative person whether an artist, author, photographer or otherwise has sources of inspiration. Those sources could be anything and I really do mean anything. Personally I have a collection of sources that I regularly utilise in different ways. Now I will start by saying I don't go out and actively copy other photographers but [...]

Behind the Magic – Editing workflow

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I'm often asked about my workflow for editing a photo shoot so let me take you on a whistlestop tour of what I do from taking the photos to delivering the final images. In general I edit photo shoots in the order they take place. The slight exception is weddings which I dip in and [...]

Behind the Magic – Merged Sequences

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The majority of the time I only aim to take one photo at a time but occasionally I will take a few successive frames which when merged together can make a great sequence. The keys to making a good sequence are to be relatively side on to the fence, so you can record the horse [...]

Behind the Magic – Always be prepared

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If you were ever a Scout or Girl Guide the phrase 'be prepared' will be well known to you. Preparedness is vital in becoming a successful photographer in so many ways. Prior to the cross country at Badminton I will walk the course at least once in the preceeding days. It allows me to [...]

Behind the magic – Behind the scenes studio lit shoot

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Have you wondered how I create the beautiful low key black background portraits? This article will give you a behind the scenes look into how I use powerful portable studio lights that I can use almost anywhere within reason. I personally favour a one light set up as I like the dramatic shadows that can [...]

Behind the magic – 10 tips for taking a Christmas family photo

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So it's under a week away, the time when families descend upon each other, often in numbers only seen once a year. It can therefore be a great opportunity to take a group family photo so here are 10 tips to help you take a better photo. Have some fun, try making one person [...]

Behind The Magic – What I will, won’t & can’t photoshop!

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Photoshop is a very very powerful tool when you know how to use it and can literally make the impossible possible. I utilise it on an almost daily basis but I try and use it to make photos 'cleaner' and try not to use it for things that are unbelievable. Occasionally I will do something [...]

New product! – Acrylic Prints

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I am now pleased to offer acrylic prints to my offering of products thanks to German professional print lab Saal Digital. For a while I have been considering what ready to hang options I can offer to my customers, especially for my studio lit work which isn't always best complimented by a frame. Acrylic prints [...]

Behind The Magic – Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO – The Basics

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Shutter speed, aperture and ISO are the three fundamental settings when using any DSLR camera. So what are they and how do they work both on their own and together? Firstly we will look at each individually. Shutter speed - This is fairly self explanatory. It is the speed at which your shutter works within [...]

Behind the Magic – Enhancing an Autumnal image

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It's Autumn here in England and the oranges are simply divine but sometimes it is worth enhancing the colours to really make an image stand out. BUT and this is a big but, if you are going to do it you need to do it correctly. I have seen an increasing abundance of orange photos [...]

Laura & Justin’s Wedding – Hartnoll Hotel Tiverton

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The Hartnoll Hotel near the Devonshire town of Tiverton was the venue for Laura & Justin's wedding in September. Although I had lived in the area for many years and driven past on numerous occasions this was my first visit to the Hartnoll. In advance of the wedding I visited the day before, meeting Claire [...]