Behind the Magic – Printing photos

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Have you got a collection of photos on your camera, computer or phone that you keep meaning to print but never get round to it? Is that because previously you have been disappointed with the prints you have received or it's just a bit too much of a faff? If I can give you one [...]

Behind the Magic – Photographing your pet

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There are a few simple guidelines that will help no end with photographing your pet, so here are my 5 top tips for improving your pet photography 1. Get down to their eye level - this may mean sitting or even lying on the ground or putting them up on a table or similar (where [...]

Behind The Magic – Photographing sunrises & sunsets

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Have you ever tried to photograph a sunset and been disappointed with how bright and lacking in colours it is? This is because when a camera meters the light levels of a sunset it will most likely be using an evaluative metering and will want to over expose the scene.   This is how [...]

Behind The Magic – Keeping image quality on social media

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You may have noticed that when uploading photos to Facebook and other social media platforms that the quality is somewhat horrendous even if you uploaded a high resolution image. There is a simple reason for this, and that is whenever you upload an image unless it meets a very strict criteria, the platform (Facebook, instagram [...]

Behind the Magic – Quality not quantity

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When I started my photographic journey I was keen to share my photos wherever I could in large numbers, it didn't matter if they weren't as good as they could be I just wanted to reach the largest audience possible, thinking this was the best way to get my name out there and heard especially [...]

Behind the Magic – Sizing: DPI, PPI & Pixels

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There is so much confusion over DPI and sizing it's untrue. I'm often asked for images for printing purposes in 300 DPI with no other information, this normally means that the person asking doesn't actually know what they want other than the photo to be in high resolution. I will then reply asking what size [...]

Behind The Magic – Facing into the sun

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When starting out with photography you will often hear that you should never face into the sun when taking photos on a sunny day. This isn't though a 'rule' but until you learn all the settings on your camera and understand how light works it will make your job far easier. To be able to [...]

Behind The Magic – Following & Breaking The Rules of Composition

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Rules are there to be broken on occasion and that is certainly the case with the rules of composition! The 'rules' are great and lead to some fantastic photos but it is ok to bend or even break them on occasion to create something even more special! It is perhaps better to consider them as [...]

Behind The Magic – Behind the scenes photos

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In my last blog regarding working as a press photographer I mentioned about my love of taking photos behind the scenes. After a week at Badminton I thought I would go in to more detail and show you exactly what I love photographing. A lot of photographers will spend their time photographing the dressage tests [...]

Behind The Magic – The life of a press photographer

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As you read this I will be on route to Badminton, arguably the most famous event in the world, for an ultra busy week of media coverage for Starting this afternoon with the Mitsubishi Motors Cup continuing throughout the week until the final 4* press conference on Sunday. The press photography aspect of my [...]

Behind The Magic – Beauty is everywhere

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This year for the second time I have undertaken a Photo Per Day project whereby I make sure to take a photo everyday. Most days that is on my DSLR but on some my mobile phone. My challenge though is that the photo should be interesting (even if just to me!) and where possible involve [...]

Copyright explained – what is all the fuss about?

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Copyright is always a contentious issue especially amongst event photographers as it so directly affects their livelihood. Personally I understand that a lot of people simply do not understand how copyright works and how if they do infringe it, it affects a photographer. Because of that I am always of the belief that there needs [...]

Behind the Magic – Milky Way & Star photos

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Have you ever looked at the night sky and just boggled at how many stars there are above? So have I, and I love to photograph them when I have the chance. With the help of a wide angled lens and a tripod you can capture the stars, and even the Milky Way with most [...]

Behind The Magic – Raw vs Jpeg

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I remember when I first started taking photos with a DSLR, I really didn't understand what RAW was and kept to my safety blanket of shooting in jpeg. Eventually as I read and learnt more, I realised just how beneficial and indeed essential shooting in raw can be. The capabilities raw give to adjust and [...]

Behind The Magic – choosing a wedding photographer

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From the start I won't deny that there will be a degree of bias in this article as I am obviously myself a wedding photographer but I want to ensure if you do choose me to photograph your big day that you are doing so for the right reasons hence my reason for writing this [...]

Attending an event as a spectator – Photographic dos and don’ts

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If you're like me and you have a spare weekend once in a blue moon how better than to spend it at an event, presuming the sun is shining, or at the very least it's not raining, or well not raining heavily...! Whilst there, why not take a few photos as a friend is competing, [...]

Behind The Magic – My ‘kit’ list!

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Today I'm going to talk to you about what camera equipment I work with and why. If you have any questions stemming from this article please feel free to ask. The Canon 5D3 my main camera of choice Firstly I am a Canon girl always have been and suspect always will be. It's [...]

Behind The Magic – Creating Dramatic Black Background Portraits

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I have always loved producing dramatic portraits and with the investment in some new lighting equipment last year I have finally been able to start producing what my creative brain has always wanted to. A lot of people will refer to the photos as 'black background' portraits and they can be produced in a couple [...]

Behind The Magic – 10 reasons why the pros choose ‘that’ fence

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I regularly read complaints from riders that the pro photographer at an event chose the smallest/most boring/"insert similar complaint here" fence so I thought I would take the opportunity to explain why. There are a LOT of considerations by the photographer as to which fence(s) to photograph and these are just a few of them; [...]

Behind The Magic – Day in the life of a Wedding Photographer

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I absolutely love photographing weddings, what better thing than to share a couple's special day, recording those memories that they can look back on for years to come. The process of photographing a wedding though starts long before the day itself. After a couple book my services there are several steps in preparation for the [...]