The recent snow allowed me to satisfy one of my bucket list photo shoots, namely horses in the snow. The last decent snow fall I experienced was about 6 years ago, and I was unable to tick it off my list then,  but this year I was able to take full advantage whilst also producing some memorable images for clients who were all within walking distance.

For the majority of the horses we were confined to fields with electric fencing. Now electric fencing just isn’t pretty, and the aim with snow shoots is to give a sense of freedom, allowing the horse to play without restraints, or at least make it seem that way! In addition the last day of shoots the snow was fast disappearing, which left bare patches of grass which didn’t really sell the snow! So what did I do? I broke out Photoshop, that’s what I did! Bye bye fencing, bye bye bare ground and grass, and bye bye lead ropes and other distracting objects in the background.

So in the interests of honesty, here are a few before and after examples, to show what I do to make client photos that extra bit special, so they can take pride of place on client walls.

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