This year for the second time I have undertaken a Photo Per Day project whereby I make sure to take a photo everyday. Most days that is on my DSLR but on some my mobile phone. My challenge though is that the photo should be interesting (even if just to me!) and where possible involve some experimentation. Some photos on their own may look a bit odd but there is a reason behind every photo.

This year with having a young baby it has made some days somewhat more challenging. I can’t just pop out for a drive and find a new subject so I have to be creative. I also live in a rather uninspiring town, at least at first glance, so I have to challenge myself to find something novel on the harder days, especially if it is raining! It is those days though that prove beauty really is everywhere you just have to look hard enough and be creative.

Below are just a few photos from so far this year that stand out for me as being ‘something from nothing’. All were taken either in or within walking distance of my house

So next time you think you have nothing to photograph have a closer look at your house and your surroundings and you may be surprised!

To see my entire Photo Per Day project including my previous year’s effort then visit my other website

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