It was only a few weeks ago that there was snow everywhere, and I just had to organise a portrait session with someone in a wedding dress. Being limited by time and locations (I could only travel in walking distance and needed to organise something within a few hours), I put a model call out in a local Facebook group for a volunteer to don their wedding dress. I had a reply from Katie who wanted to take part but unfortunately her dress didn’t fit but wondered if her daughter Morgan who had always wanted to wear the dress could instead. Of course I said yes as what a wonderful story the photos would tell. A daughter always wanting to wear her mum’s wedding dress getting the chance to wear it in such a magical winter setting.

A few hours later we all met up and also had the assistance of Heidi from Bespoke Event & Hire (a local wedding planner & decor company) as an extra pair of hands. We trekked up to Salisbury Plain found a relatively sheltered spot and got Morgan into the dress. She was an absolute trooper as the wind was bitterly cold, the results were utterly worth it though and she looked amazing in her mum’s dress.

It will most likely be a while until we have similar snow again so I was so pleased to be able to photograph this session with Morgan. I have lived here for 6 years and this is only the second time we have had decent snow, so who knows how many years until the next decent snowfall here in the south, may be next winter may not be for several. Whenever it does occur though I will be ready and I might just get my dream of a snowy white wedding…..


These are just a couple of photos from my session with Morgan

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