Equine Studio Lit Portraits

Katie has become renown for her studio lit low key (black background) sessions which produce bold beautiful images. Her black background images have been shortlisted for the Fine Art Photography awards in both 2017 and 2018.

There are two sub session types within studio lit, firstly partially lit sessions which are a hybrid of natural light, using strobe lighting to enhance an outdoor setting. Secondly are low key black background sessions, these are best for horses only (as my dramatic lighting techniques are not the most flattering for human models!), so perfect if you want your horse to be the focal point of the session. Low Key sessions are also ideal if you are very limited with locations. Although I can work in natural light with most environments, if without scenic options there is almost always somewhere to have a studio lit session.

Within the low key sessions there are also then two sub types which can both be covered within one session. Firstly there are more traditional portrait images and secondly more fine art abstract or artistic images. The above image on the right would be a perfect example whereby water has been used as an added element in the session.


Is a special location needed? No, quite simply, my lights are fully portable utilising battery packs so photographs can be taken anywhere, from an indoor school to an open field!

What conditions can you photograph in? For best results shooting in shade (in the event of bright sunlight) or on a cloudy day is preferred, both with a solid backdrop (i.e. trees/building etc so not sky). If an indoor school is available then perfect, the photo shoot can go ahead whatever the weather.  Stables are not ideal due to the close proximity of the walls though but can be worked with if required. If it is raining it is not a complete non starter but it does add an added element to the photos with rain drops appearing light hundreds of diamonds.

Can we get certain poses? I will ask you in advance of your session if there are any particular images you would like to achieve from a session. I cannot guarantee that they will (all) be possible as it will depend on how the horse behaves and reacts, both to the lights, and also to prompts to move in certain ways. If a particular image is desired then it can take some time to achieve (up to a third of the session) which should be kept in mind.

How many images will you take? I will take a number of images during the session and then work through them and edit them afterwards. The total amount will vastly depend on how the horse behaves and reacts. I would normally advise you will receive 20+ images from a session to choose from. It can be several more but I couldn’t guarantee that.

How do horses react? See my Behind The Magic blog regarding how most horses react to the light.

Further information & Investment

Studio lit sessions start at £250 which includes my session fee, 30 miles of travel and £60 product credit. For further details covering all my packages and additional products please see my welcome pack which can be accessed by ‘CLICKING HERE’. (please note it is a PDF)