Natural Light Equine Portraits

Katie can work to create beautifully portraits using natural light in almost all conditions whatever the season. Her aim from a Natural light session is to create images which have a lovely soft timeless feel. These sessions are perfect for showcasing your relationship with your horse and also the chosen location be that fields, woods, beaches, courtyards or even country lanes. Depending on what you would like to achieve from the session you can incorporate photos with and without you into the session. The session can be structured to concentrate on traditional portraits or take on a more fine art feel concentrating on your horse.

Which Season?

The common request from most customers is that they want a summer session but there are many reasons why this isn’t always the best choice. Below I give some of the advantages and disadvantages of each season so you can make up your mind of which is best for you.
Spring – Pretty and beautiful. Often fly free if early enough. Some fabulous colours of wild flowers and budding trees, never mind actual green grass, and stunning fields of crops (which last into summer). Weather can be rather unpredictable though, and mud may well still be present. Horses’ coats can be in transitional periods of defluffing, but this can be almost completely negated if fully clipped. Oh and did I mention the flowers including bluebells!?
Summer – Weather can be more predictable and generally warmer, also horses’ coats generally at their best. Fabulous late evening sunsets and more crop fields. Big disadvantages include harsh light for the majority of the day due to high sun, and then there is also the problem of flies! They are not just a pain to remove from photos but they irritate both you and your horse. If a hot summer grass also likely to be scorched and yellow.
Autumn – AWESOME Autumnal colours, I really can’t rate them enough. Beautiful sunsets. Potentially horses’ coats changing to fluffy so being clipped an advantage. Mud and unpredictable weather are possibilities!
Winter – Weather can be dire and chilly at times, and horses’ coats fluffy if unclipped. Also almost certainly mud in areas so locations will have to be chosen wisely. BUT AMAZING light almost all day due to the lower sun. NO flies and chillier temperatures mean you can layer some amazing outfits without passing out with heat stroke. Potential for snow and stunning crisp frosty mornings what more is there to love!

Further information & Investment

Natural light sessions start at £250 which includes my session fee, 30 miles of travel and £60 product credit. For further details covering all my packages and additional products please see my welcome pack which can be accessed by ‘CLICKING HERE’. (please note it is a PDF)