I am now pleased to offer acrylic prints to my offering of products thanks to German professional print lab Saal Digital.

For a while I have been considering what ready to hang options I can offer to my customers, especially for my studio lit work which isn’t always best complimented by a frame. Acrylic prints are a perfect option but sourcing a suitable supplier had up till now been the challenge. I have very high standards regarding the printed products I supply to customers both in terms of print quality and finish. Saal Digital offered me the chance to receive a sample, so I of course jumped at the chance so placed my order, of one of my fine art prints, and awaited eagerly.

Firstly their production and lead times were on par to most UK based labs, this assured me I could offer their Acrylics to my clients without a delay in receipt as I like to receive all orders where possible to quality check, before delivering on (preferably by hand) to my clients.

Quality is really exceptional, the colours and contrast match my screen calibration, this is unlike some other labs which I have tested with variable results.

My challenge is taking photos that showcases the quality as the acrylic glass gives a shiny reflective finish. Sadly I don’t believe the above photos do it justice. Ultimately you will have to take my word or I can happily bring the sample with me to pre shoot/wedding consultations or to photoshoots themselves (along with any other of my printed samples).

In addition to Saal’s Acrylic prints I am also now offering their Alu-Dibond wall decors. Prices start at only £25 for Acrylics, for more details please see the additional products section on the relevant photo shoot type page.

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