The New Dr WhoWhen tasked with a family photo shoot a member of which is one of the biggest fans of Dr Who around (I consider myself a fan but his level of trivia puts me to utter shame!) there was never any question of doing a special Dr Who themed shoot for him especially when we had a full sized Tardis (well half of one!) to use as a prop.

We had so so SO much fun taking these photos and Freddie could seriously be the next Dr in a few years as he slipped in to character seamlessly for the shoot adding his own quirky little twist as ultimately every Dr is slightly individual and Freddie’s interpretation is no different. BBC talent scouts please take note! So not only did we have the Dr and the Tardis but we also had a cyber-man, a Dalek and K9 make appearances. I particularly loved Freddie’s sonic screwdriver which he had built himself with a custom kit which meant it was personal to him in the same way that each of the Dr’s have had their own personal sonic screwdriver.

I can only apologise that my photoshopping skills for the regeneration photos leave a little to be desired but it’s not often I am required to make yellow light and smoke erupt from the arms and face of a model so it tested my skills and I will hope all the other true fans out there will appreciate the effort.

So with no further ado here is a selection of the photos, a greater selection can be viewed on my facebook page

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