I was at Larkhill British Eventing horse trials both competing and once again taking photos for www.e-Venting.co.uk. I competed on the Saturday and was pleased to finish the season with a 7th in the Regional Final, sadly no qualifying spot for the Grassroots final but it wasn’t to be our year.

On the Sunday armed with my camera I proceeded to get soaked and am thankful to the fence judge who gave me a plastic bag to protect my camera after I left my rain cover in the car. The amount of rain actually became quite biblical in nature to the point that for the first time of what I’m aware the event was forced to abandon just as the BE100 was due to start across country. It was sad both for the organisers who had worked so incredibly hard to keep conditions good which they were even with the rain, and for the competitors whom for many it was the last run of the season.

For those that don’t know Larkhill the cross country is based in the centre of the point to point course. The entire venue being on Salisbury Plain and on a hill side is extremely exposed generally meaning the weather is felt that little bit harder than in the nearby area surrounding the plain. It is fantastic from a spectator’s point of view though and from the showjumping you can actually also see the majority of the cross country course as well.

After providing photos for e-Venting I took the opportunity to edit some of the photos differently and in black and white. I love working with black and white photos as I feel they add a certain drama and atmosphere two things that are around in spades when eventing and perfectly complimented and highlighted the rather dismal weather!

Please note these photos are not for sale and you should contact the official photographer www.ultimate-images.co.uk if you are looking to purchase photos from the event.

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