I photographed Clare and Stu’s wedding back in December they then asked me back to Somerset for an equine photo shoot so they could get some photos of their horses and dogs who couldn’t be involved in the wedding itself and who I was I to refuse!

The photo shoot itself turned in to a half day experience as we travelled to local woods for ridden shots then took portrait photos back at their home and then lastly several hours later we experimented with a night shoot. Clare and Stu had been disappointed that due to the ambient light in Taunton for their wedding we couldn’t take any ‘star’ shots of the night sky so the plan was made to include a night session into the equine photo shoot. The night time shoot was particularly fun and different. I was lying on the ground with camera on a mini tripod with an off camera flash to one side. It was pitch black and other than the flash going off every 30 seconds or so there was no other surrounding light. The horses were fantastic considering the spookiness factor and behaved perfectly ending up with some fantastic final shots.

If you are interested in an equine photo shoot or a night time shoot equine or otherwise session then please get in touch. I travel all over the South of England and the Midlands and will happily travel further afield subject to availability.

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