Wedding Photographers – Are two better than one?

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The perfect example of being in two places at once. I was able to capture photos from the front of the church whilst Liz captured the beautiful feature image above with the window from the back If you're a bride searching for your photographer you will undoubtedly be getting numerous opinions over having [...]

Behind The Magic – You get what you pay for

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Have you looked at three photographers one charging £50 for a photoshoot, another £150, and another £500 and wondered the difference? Let me try to explain to you, and more importantly how and why that is not their 'hourly' rate. To break it down I'm going to let you know a little bit more about [...]

Behind the Magic – Stop, Collaborate & listen!

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Last week I took the opportunity to meet up with three fellow equestrian photographers, Rose, Laura & Louise, for an afternoon of idea sharing and education. All four of us are established photographers but have different styles and areas of expertise, so what better than the chance to throw around ideas and see how each [...]

Behind the magic – every day is a school day

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I was asked recently how I became a professional photographer. Did I go to college or university to study or was it all 'just there'? In my case I fall somewhere in the middle, I would like to think that I have a natural eye for composition and subjects, whereas a lot of the technical [...]

Behind The Magic – Finding stock photography

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Do you work in a business that needs marketing images? Do you have a project to do for college, university, school or even work? If so the majority will probably have utilised google image search to find a suitable photo to use at some point. There is no denying it, almost everyone has, but the [...]

Behind The Magic – Backup, backup and backup again

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A lesson most photographers learn the hard way is to have backups, and not just one, of their photos. There is nothing worse than a card or hard disk failure and loosing irreplaceable photos. I learnt the hard way when a hard drive filed on me a few years ago. Thankfully I was able to [...]

Behind the Magic – Horses & studio lights

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Horses are naturally wary animals and many are known as being spooky especially at new things. Portable lighting which I use for my studio lit photoshoots are incredibly powerful and do result in a wide range of reactions from horses. From all that I have photographed though only one we decided it was in the [...]

Behind The Magic – Everyone is a photographer

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You may think this post is going to be a rant and it is but perhaps not in the way you will expect... 'Everyone thinks they are a photographer' and the truth is everyone is. In the same way that everyone is a cook. Some do it well, some do it badly, and lots are [...]

Behind The Magic – The magic of a tight crop

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Now I love to photograph tight crops. The reason? The photograph is (normally) all about the subject and cluttered backgrounds detract, tight crops focus in on that subject and allow you to tell a different photograph. Granted there are times where you want the background as it in itself tells a story but I will [...]

Behind the Magic – The golden hour

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I love love LOVE the golden hour, although actually it's normally not an hour long and there are two of them per day (weather dependant!). As the sun progresses through the sky during the day it starts low to the horizon moves over head until again dropping down to the horizon at sunset. If the [...]

Behind the Magic – Do What You Love

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Portrait created utilising my Elinchrom portable lighting system There are so many different forms of photography, even within portrait photography you have everything from newborns, maternity, weddings, family and so on and so forth. Different photographers specialise in different areas, some are jack of all trades some are specialists in one specific area, [...]

Behind The Magic – Bokeh – what is it and how to create it

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The bouquet focused on in the front of the frame the couple are left lovely & soft in the background You have undoubtedly seen those lovely dreamy photos where the background is beautifully blurred often to the point of seeing sparkles in the background and wandered how that was created. This is bokeh, [...]

Behind The Magic – Black & White

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When I was going through my photos of the action at Barbury on Sunday I had the sudden strong urge to go almost all black & white for editing. I don't normally put so many black and white images in an event but the backdrop and the competition itself just lending itself to the format. [...]

Behind the Magic – Printing photos

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Have you got a collection of photos on your camera, computer or phone that you keep meaning to print but never get round to it? Is that because previously you have been disappointed with the prints you have received or it's just a bit too much of a faff? If I can give you one [...]

Behind the Magic – Photographing your pet

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There are a few simple guidelines that will help no end with photographing your pet, so here are my 5 top tips for improving your pet photography 1. Get down to their eye level - this may mean sitting or even lying on the ground or putting them up on a table or similar (where [...]

Behind The Magic – Photographing sunrises & sunsets

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Have you ever tried to photograph a sunset and been disappointed with how bright and lacking in colours it is? This is because when a camera meters the light levels of a sunset it will most likely be using an evaluative metering and will want to over expose the scene.   This is how [...]

Behind The Magic – Keeping image quality on social media

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You may have noticed that when uploading photos to Facebook and other social media platforms that the quality is somewhat horrendous even if you uploaded a high resolution image. There is a simple reason for this, and that is whenever you upload an image unless it meets a very strict criteria, the platform (Facebook, instagram [...]

Behind the Magic – Quality not quantity

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When I started my photographic journey I was keen to share my photos wherever I could in large numbers, it didn't matter if they weren't as good as they could be I just wanted to reach the largest audience possible, thinking this was the best way to get my name out there and heard especially [...]

Behind the Magic – Sizing: DPI, PPI & Pixels

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There is so much confusion over DPI and sizing it's untrue. I'm often asked for images for printing purposes in 300 DPI with no other information, this normally means that the person asking doesn't actually know what they want other than the photo to be in high resolution. I will then reply asking what size [...]

Behind The Magic – Facing into the sun

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When starting out with photography you will often hear that you should never face into the sun when taking photos on a sunny day. This isn't though a 'rule' but until you learn all the settings on your camera and understand how light works it will make your job far easier. To be able to [...]

Behind The Magic – Following & Breaking The Rules of Composition

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Rules are there to be broken on occasion and that is certainly the case with the rules of composition! The 'rules' are great and lead to some fantastic photos but it is ok to bend or even break them on occasion to create something even more special! It is perhaps better to consider them as [...]

Behind The Magic – Behind the scenes photos

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In my last blog regarding working as a press photographer I mentioned about my love of taking photos behind the scenes. After a week at Badminton I thought I would go in to more detail and show you exactly what I love photographing. A lot of photographers will spend their time photographing the dressage tests [...]

Behind The Magic – The life of a press photographer

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As you read this I will be on route to Badminton, arguably the most famous event in the world, for an ultra busy week of media coverage for Starting this afternoon with the Mitsubishi Motors Cup continuing throughout the week until the final 4* press conference on Sunday. The press photography aspect of my [...]

Behind The Magic – Beauty is everywhere

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This year for the second time I have undertaken a Photo Per Day project whereby I make sure to take a photo everyday. Most days that is on my DSLR but on some my mobile phone. My challenge though is that the photo should be interesting (even if just to me!) and where possible involve [...]