In my last blog regarding working as a press photographer I mentioned about my love of taking photos behind the scenes. After a week at Badminton I thought I would go in to more detail and show you exactly what I love photographing.

A lot of photographers will spend their time photographing the dressage tests from the main arena, predominately because that is what their editors request. I am lucky though, as I jointly run e-Venting I have the ability to choose what I want to photograph, as I am my own editor in effect. To be honest it’s the wedding photographer in me coming out, I have a reportage style and I want to tell a story. I want every image to be more than just a photo of a horse doing an extended trot, yes it may have scored a 9 or even a 10 (albeit not this year!) but it doesn’t tell you what that movement meant to the rider! I want emotion and drama, I want e-Venting’s readers to be able to connect with the photo and its subjects, and understand the riders and what competing at Badminton really means to them. Eventing is also one big family, and I hope that this is conveyed as well.

Below is just a small selection of my behind the scenes photos from Badminton, enjoy….

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