There are a few simple guidelines that will help no end with photographing your pet, so here are my 5 top tips for improving your pet photography

1. Get down to their eye level – this may mean sitting or even lying on the ground or putting them up on a table or similar (where it is safe) but this is without question the most important thing to do when photographing a pet. Whether it is a dog or cat or even a rabbit it will make a huge difference every time.

2.Get their attention! Whether you use some food or a squeaky toy try to get their attention when taking a photo. Not only will this get them looking in your direction but they should also look more alert and hopefully happy! Focus on the eyes as they really are the windows to the soul.

3.Capture their character. Does your pet have a favourite sleeping spot or toy, or perform a trick? Try and incorporate your pet’s character into the photos.

4.If shooting with a variable zoom or a changeable lens try to photograph at approximately 50mm. This is because this focal length produced the least distortion and therefore gives the truest likeness to your pet.

5.Good light. Don’t photograph your pet in a dark room and try and avoid harsh sunlight in the middle of the day that creates harsh shadows. If indoors utilise light coming in from a large window if you can, if outside either early or late in daylight hours when shadows are long gives more flattering light. Avoid using flash wherever you can as it generally creates harsh unflattering light.


A few more animal/pet portraits

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