When I was going through my photos of the action at Barbury on Sunday I had the sudden strong urge to go almost all black & white for editing. I don’t normally put so many black and white images in an event but the backdrop and the competition itself just lending itself to the format.

I LOVE a good black and white photo as they can show such drama, and really highlight the story behind the image. Just clicking ‘black & white’ in Lightroom is not enough though, each photo needs individual care and attention to ensure the colour balances (which colours appear darker and lighter) contrast, curve, white/black points etc are correct for the individual image. Not every photo suits black & white especially if lacking in tonal differences but when they look good they look great.

I was always taught when converting an image to black and white to ‘work’ properly there should be at least some pure white and some more pure black however small in the image. This will of course be a matter of preference but its a rule I try and follow.

The below photos show the colour version, the B&W version if just auto changed and then my final edit. The middle auto option is a bit bland and flat but the final image really gives you a feel of power and drama


If you would like to view the full gallery it can be viewed here


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