#1-10 it is YOUR wedding day no one elses!

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OK it’s a simplistic list (and article) but it’s true, it’s your day as a couple, nobody else’s and that is the most important thing to consider when planning your day!

I see couples day after day, who get swept up in the opinions of others, about what they should and shouldn’t be including in their wedding. Often reaching the point they forget about what the day is all about, them!

Is your day getting out of hand? Is it not the day you intended or wanted? Are family or guests opinions stressing you out? Then stop and re-evaluate. Your guests are your friends and family, and the most important thing to them should be you. If anyone is petty enough to question your decisions then question whether they should even be at your wedding! OK I get it there are some guests where politics would cause unwanted issues, but set out clear rules and expectations from the start and then it will be far easier to prevent others interfering.

Plus guess what, you’re even allowed to elope if you want to!

So make it your day, and include what is important to you and your partner. If that also happens to be what you think your guests want then fantastic, but if not they will love the day whatever you do, as it’s a celebration of your relationship.

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